From Pine to Fancy Fine at The Singing Lady

From Pine to Fancy Fine at The Singing Lady

Whether you love pine or more refined pieces of furniture - we have a bit of both featured this week and lots of inbetween as well. We have come to appreciate all types of wood at the Singing Lady.

The five most popular woods we encounter are:

  • Pine furniture reveals the unique knots and grain of this very affordable durable wood.
  • Oak is most commonly used for finer, more durable furniture. It is a very hard, heavy and open-grained. It stains well in any color.
  • Walnut is a strong, hard and durable wood that carves and holds its shape well. It is an excellent choice for ornate furniture that requires intricate woodworking.
  • Mahogany is distinctive due to its warm red color as well as its deep grain and it is the kind of wood that is just perfect for the purpose of decoration, in varied settings.
  • Maple is a very light-colored medium-to-hard wood known for its shock resistance. Maple has diffused, evenly sized pores that give the wood a fine texture and an even grain. Maple is highly durable and takes any stain well.

And one more tidbit of information for you is about burled wood.

When used in woodcrafting, burled wood is removed from the tree, preferably after the tree has already died in order to avoid killing it. It is then cut open in order to review the pattern inside. Sometimes, a single offshoot can produce several different pieces for an artist to work with. Burling adds a very special feature to furniture and makes each piece unique.

LOTS of new arrivals to gaze upon. From oh so useful to simply outstanding! Some very unique pieces have arrived and it just keeps getting better and better!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead and happy shopping!

Tammie & The Singing Lady Team

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