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Northwest Coast Native Indian Articulating Raven Mask - Hand Carved Red Cedar Traditionally Painted with Braided Cedar Bark Hair - Beak Opens - Signed & Titled By Native Artist Tim Lafontaine - 16" L x 6" W x 8" H
Tim Lafontaine
Tim Lafontaine is a Plains Cree native, born March 19, 1975 in Regina, Saskatchewan. At the age of 15 he examined his native heritage and taught himself by exploring traditional and alternate types of art mediums. After drawing he quickly learned bead work, leather-work, carving painting, and airbrushing.
When Tim was 22, he had moved to British Columbia and learned west coast wood carving and mask making from Emile Thibert. Emile is himself an immigrant from the Saulteaux first nation of Manitoba, who began an apprenticeship under Carl Simeon, a widely renowned Kwakwaka''wakw artist, in 1994. Tim has also worked with Chris VanEdig, Kurtis Antone and with the legendary Beau Dick.
Kwakwaka''wakw - 'speakers of Kwakwala'– refers to the 15 modern-day tribes sharing the northeast coast of Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland coast. They were masters of art and drama, and held the greatest of potlatch ceremonies. Their carving traditions are such an integral part of their potlatch culture and social order that they refused to put it aside during the British Columbia government''s ban of the potlatch from 1884 to 1949. Potlatches went on secretly on secluded Islands, and carvers never stopped making masks and art. They kept much work hidden, even while large collections were confiscated and shipped to museums around the world.
Kwakwaka''wakw art is the most extravagant and stylized of the northwest coast. It has increasingly influenced the other coast nations'' artwork for many generations, and continues to recruit many new artists like Tim and Emile into Kwakwaka''wakw traditions.
Once exposed to Kwakwaka''wakw artistry, Tim found he loves to carve cedar in the west coast style. He now carves with his brother Elton and concentrates on transformation masks, Talking Sticks and Totem Poles.

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