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Antique "Kent of Grand Rapids Fine Tables" Mahogany Horse Shoe Shaped Fox Hunt Table / Demi Lune / Half Moon Serving Table on Turned & Reeded Baluster Legs with 2 Drop Leaves (14" L) & 2 Pivoting Brass Chariots - Burled Veneer Skirt & Original Brass Casters - MI, USA - 60" W x 30.5" D x 27" H - Lovely buffet option!
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This wonderful table would have been used for enjoying refreshments before and after the fox hunt. The table is designed in such a way that it could be used in a multitude of fashions. First, it could be brought out into a parlor in front of a roaring fire, with the pivoting brass chariot in the center holding a warming beverage that could be slid around the table on its track to serve the huntsmen. Second, the chariot could be removed to allow a member of the hunt staff to serve the hunters outdoors while on horseback either before the hunt or upon their return. Third, the table could be used as a serving station, with center leaf installed, and placed against a wall as a buffet. A brass rod extends the width of the table, which would have been used as a curtain drape to guard the hunt staffer while serving drinks, or, it could be used by the huntsmen to hang their catch while enjoying refreshments.  
Fox hunting is a social sport that has existed in the United Kingdom for centuries. Due to the expense of upkeep required for the hounds used, and the ability to use their stature to acquire permission to hunt on other individual’s property, fox hunting has traditionally been a sport for royalty and nobility, filled with its own set of customs and etiquette. This hunt table would have been used in many of those customs, such as the toasting before and after a hunt. Due to its exquisite quality and condition, it is logical to conclude that this table was undoubtedly once housed in a grand hunting lodge.

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