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Acrylic on Canvas - Family at Peace c2003 Signed by Quebec / Franco-Hungarian Artist Charles Sucsan (1923- ) (some spots on canvas) - Ornate Gold Fillet in a Mahogany Stain Wood Frame - Original figurative style with spiritual undertones - 45.5" Square
Charles Sucsan (1923- )
Born in Paris from Hungarian parents, study in Paris and Budapest. He began his artistic production in 1960 in Montreal, then in Longueuil.  He works in the media of ceramics, drawing, painting, ink, pastel and etching. He maintains links with European artists. He was decorated with a  medal by la société académique de Paris,Art-Sciences-Lettres.
In 1956, Mr. Sucsan welcomed the Hungarian refugees who came to seek asylum in Quebec and often served as interpreters to facilitate their integration.  The Hungarian government conferred an honour on Mr. Sucsan on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the uprising and the struggle for freedom of the Hungarian people against communist oppression. He further received a medal from the Quebec National Assembly highlighting his entire career as an artist and the honor that the Hungarian government has recently given him.
To know the work of Charles SUCSAN is to enter a world in constant movement where sensitivity and spirituality inhabit an expressionist context.
Sucsan is an observer as well as a player. He is rooted in the reality within which he evolves. However, we do sense in his paintings a breath which goes beyond a vision of the quotidian and emanates from the influence he desires to exercise over his environment. Sucsan's originality resides in his involvement in a furious struggle to dominate his material and illuminate it with his expressivity.
Sucsan's figurative style resembles the artist himself. It is many faceted and profound. Each facet of his pictorial work arises from an exacting search. Each painting is a deliberate choice which continuity is present through the form, colour, graphics and the moment.
Inspired by the great contemporary currents in art, Sucsan refashions them according to his own inspiration prompted not only by his years as an artist but by a whole lifetime filled with impressions, thoughts and decisions.

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