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Musical Instruments
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Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments

"Epiphone EB-0" Classic Electric Bass Guitar in Cherry Red - Mahogany Body with Nickel Hardware - Comes with a Soft Case, Strap, Cable, & Sabine Electronic Metronome - An affordable classic!
History of the Classic EB Bass
It seems incredible in hindsight but in the early 1960s, the Kalamazoo factory, home to both Epiphone and Gibson instruments, ceased production of the Les Paul guitar and in its place, created the "SG" design. And as it so often does, changes in guitar design also influenced bass design, too. With the Les Paul (temporarily) out of the picture, the SG took over. And for a time during that golden era, the classic SG bass was the historic factory’s sole electric bass offering.
But the EB-0 “SG” bass was by no means a cast-off. It quickly became one of the most attractive basses of the day and players like Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones, Cream’s Jack Bruce and The Who’s John Entwistle made the "EB" style bass a hitmaker. Now, Epiphone presents the EB-0, a stunning recreation of the vintage marvel that has the tone and feel of the original without the vintage price tag and vintage problems.
Sabine Zip Beat Metronome
Sabine's new ZipBeat-6000 Digital Metronome offers you many valuable features previously available only in far more expensive metronomes. The features of the ZipBeat-6000 are: • Loud & Clear Tone • Accented Downbeat From 2-6 Beats Per Measure • Speed Adjusts From 40 To 208 Beats Per Minute (or Largo to Presto) • Sweep LED Gives You Visual Cue; Switch From 2 Alternating LED's To 8 Sweeping LED's • 6-Setting Tone Generator For Reference Pitch (from A=440 to A=445 Hz) • and a Stand For Easy Viewing.

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