Consign With Us

If you would like to consign with us, please read the information on this page and download our consignment agreement.

  • Please be aware of items that we DO NOT consign
  • Items must be in excellent to mint condition (8 or 9 out of 10 at least)
  • Items must be thoroughly cleaned and in showroom ready condition
  • Unscheduled drop-offs are not permitted
  • We set the price. We do not price anything based on photos. It will be priced when it arrives in the store & we've had a chance to assess it.

If we accept your items:

  • We'll book an appointment to drop off your items.
  • It is your responsibility to deliver the items to us. We can provide a recommendation for a reputable, bonded and insured moving company.
  • We'll evaluate them and price them after they have arrived
  • They are then placed and merchandized in one of our showrooms
  • Images, description and markdowns are uploaded to our online catalogue
  • We take care of all the advertising and promotion

Due to the store closing in December - we have stopped reviewing smaller items entirely.
We are booked until the end of August for anything tabletop or small item related such as jewellery, china, crystal, books or anything you can hold in your one hand. We're sorry to disappoint.

The items you can submit currently are;
Furniture, Lighting, Rugs, Original Art, Larger Home Decor, Mirrors & Pillow or Linens

Home Visits - No Longer Available

We are no longer offering home visits as an option. We are sorry to disappoint.

We consign an eclectic mix of:
Antiques / Fine Furniture / Dressers
Headboards / Tables / Chairs
Book Cases / Side Boards
Dinette Sets / Small Sofas
Ottomans / End & Coffee Tables
Console Tables / Writing Tables
Tea Carts / Curio Cabinets / Benches
Garden Urns & Items (must be clean)
 Wicker / Fine China / Dishes
Vases / Frames / Mirrors / Art / Area rugs
Table Lamps (only with shades)
Chandeliers / Pendant Lamps
Linen (washed & pressed) / Decorative Pillows
Storage Baskets / Blanket Racks
Interesting & Unusual items / Jewellery
High End Leather Hand Bags & Purses

(Crystal & silver plate items sell much better

in the months of September to December.

Sterling silver is a good seller year round.)

Our Consignment Terms
  • Items are consigned for 180 days
  • You get 50% of the selling price.  (45% that sell for below $50)
  • Cheques are issued between the 15th and 20th of each month for the previous month's balance of $25 or more
  • You receive a payout notice to your email address when cheques are ready for pick-up at the store
  • If your item(s) have not sold by the 180th day, you have 7 days to retrieve them or they are donated to the store
 Price reductions are as follows;
  • After 30 days – the item is reduced by 15%
  • After 60 days - another 10% comes off the price (25% total)
  • After 90 days - another 10% comes off the price (35% total)
  • After 150 days further discounts at our discretion.

Please download our consignment agreement for detailed terms and conditions