In Memory of Stef, Mr. Singing Lady


This coming weekend marks the one anniversary of Stef's passing. It's so important for me to take this week's newsletter to honour his memory.

He believed in my dream of opening a consignment store 11 years ago. He had faith in me and he walked beside me through this whole journey.

He was my husband in life and my partner in making dreams come true. He always had my best interests at heart and he took on the backend of running the store and let me just be The Singing Lady. He was more than happy to be the Mister in that equation.

We're still standing here because of Stef. He wanted it to be the best it could be. He was never the kind of person to settle for anything less. Because of Stef, I have been able to muster the inner strength to get through every single challenge since he left us and there have been so many it's staggering.

One year later my heart still remains brimming full. I remember all the kindness that you brought to me. The cards, the flowers, the plants, the rosaries, the masses and your tears with my tears.

It changed me. You strengthened me at a time when that just didn't seem possible. You helped give me the courage to power on and figure it out - minute by minute - problem by problem - through all the technical things to figuring out how to handle lockdown after lockdown and so much in between.

With the help of so many generous and compassionate people who came to my rescue in so many areas - I will never forget, for one second of my life, how grateful I will forever be to each and every one of you. You know who you are and you have been my fortress.

I just ask you to please keep me in your prayers as you have so willingly done. I have felt your love and I'll never be able to tell you how much that has meant to my grieving heart.

So in the spirit of not letting a tradition fade ... happy shopping, happy newsletter day and cheers to Stef - honey, you will forever remain a wonder.

Enjoy these new arrivals!

With a great big appreciative heart,
Tammie, The Singing Lady

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New Arrivals

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