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Happy Thursday everyone and thank you for your continued support in receiving our weekly newsletter. Many of you have been subscribers since we first opened our doors at our Burnhamthorpe Road location on June 3rd of 2010.

We're now 11 years going strong all thanks to you. To think we started at 1,685 square feet there and now we sit at 13,000 in total with 2 stores.

Hopefully when we arrive at 12 years young we'll be able to do something special to celebrate and honour you and all of your kindness over the years.

We've been listening to your stories about how much of a struggle it is trying to find furniture without having to suffer through a back order or an indefinite waiting period.

Last weekend we sold a ton of furniture, and no wonder, as we know it's a frustrating time for many. We are trying weekly to top up our inventory but that can present its challenges as well because as you know, we really strive for good solid pieces that have very little to no condition issues.

So if you see something you would really love to have - we recommend you don't sit on a decision for too long. Disappointment surfaces quickly these days.

Have fun checking out the variety of new arrivals and we hope you mark us as a destination visit this weekend!

Tammie & The Singing Lady Team

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New Arrivals

Every day, we get new arrivals — fabulous finds you won't find anywhere else. Here is a small sampling of the new arrivals from the last week but there are many more in the store. We currently have over 6,000 items and it keeps changing all the time. Our motto is, "If you snooze, you lose!". If you see something you like, you had better snatch it up quick because there is a good chance it won't be there the next time you visit.

… View many more new arrivals on our site

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