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My late husband, Stef's second love - the night sky.

When he passed away and we celebrated his life, not many of his relatives realized how profound he was as a deep sky imager. He didn't boast, he rarely talked about himself, he was always more interested in you and how he could help you or find inspirational meaning to lift you up.

This newsletter is in part, a capture of something he held very dear and Stef was a mentor for anyone wanting to try their hand at understanding and learning the process of how to capture the universe through the night sky.

I'm so proud of him for all of this - and letting go of his beautiful collection of books and magazines is difficult but it's time for someone else to love them again. He had many images published in books and magazines and those I will keep close to me for the rest of my life. All proceeds from these featured items will be donated to a charity in his honour.

He had many meaningful moments throughout his imaging career and these are just a few of what he was able to accomplish. His website, AstroGarage, will live on and you can revel in what I'm saying by taking a journey through his many images. You can also take a walk with Stef by watching his YouTube videos on how to capture an image by using the Chilescope right from your home.

In his memory, NASA gave Stef the APOD photo of the day on June 4th, 2020.
This is a very big honour (which he had received a few times) and the very best way to pay tribute to Stef's work as a deep sky imager and astrophotographer.
This is the Hamburger Galaxy - NGC 3628 - created in collaboration with Paul Mortfield - long time cherished friend.

My all time favourite APOD image was this one - A Spectre in the Eastern Veil - so amazingly beautiful.

Among many tributes - the ones we hold very close are Stef's images that were showcased twice in the Vatican Observatory Calendar and his image featured on the cover of Sky News in July of 2009.

I could go on and on but I think you understand the depth of his talent.

And now ... alongside the feature for today are a wonderful array of new arrivals, including some fun colourful pieces of furniture that were showroom floor models. Check out the antique Wedgwood china - she's an open stock beauty.

Thank you for helping me pay tribute through today's newsletter and thank you for all your kind reassuring words that you bring to my heart.

Tammie & The Singing Lady Team

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