NOT the kind of door crasher The Singing Lady would have planned ....


If you have driven by us over the past few days you may be wondering why a section of our store windows at the Flagship are boarded up. I only wish I could say we were renovating but that is certainly not the case.

Last Thursday around 4pm we were alarmed by a very loud noise similar to a plane landing. I say this because we honestly thought a plane was going to crash into our parking lot.

The next thing you know a car came rampaging through our Flagship store bank of windows taking out and completely destroying a section of furniture, a whack of china and stemware. It truly felt like the earth shattered. We stood there dumbfounded. Thank heavens the driver did not suffer any injuries or anyone else.

The Toronto Fire Fighters were AMAZING. They brought calm and organization to a very difficult few hours for us here at the store. The Toronto Police were FABULOUS. The paramedics came swiftly and took care of the driver ensuring she was good. Her car, totalled - not so good. She walked away unscathed.

It's us that needed resuscitating. Needless to say we got to work cleaning up what seemed like thousands upon thousands of bits of glass and china. By 7pm we were boarded up by the landlord's maintenance team and we headed home with tons of photos on our phones of a day we will never forget.

We want to thank all the consignors involved for their graciousness in receiving the news the following morning.

I'd personally like to thank my staff - I truly believe they can be thrown into any situation and rise above it.

This week's newsletter is all about new arrivals - so enjoy them all.

Here are our hours going into this Easter weekend.
Friday, April 15th - Good Friday - Closed
Saturday, April 16th - 11am to 4pm
Sunday, April 17th - Easter Sunday - Closed
Monday, April 18th - 10am to 4pm

Happy Newsletter day and Happy Easter from all of here at the Singing Lady. Enjoy your time with family and good friends.

Tammie & The Singing Lady Team

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New Arrivals

Every day, we get new arrivals — fabulous finds you won't find anywhere else. Here is a small sampling of the new arrivals from the last week but there are many more in the store. We currently have over 6,000 items and it keeps changing all the time. Our motto is, "If you snooze, you lose!". If you see something you like, you had better snatch it up quick because there is a good chance it won't be there the next time you visit.

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