The Singing Lady - The End of an Era


The Singing Lady - The End of an Era

The Singing Lady - The End of an Era

Hello faithful Singing Lady Newsletter Subscribers,

Before I get to the heart of this newsletter I just need to pre-empt this with a few important thoughts because I am anticipating your reaction.

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  • Consignors and customers - please don't go into panic mode - just read this through to the end.

As many of you are aware, the last couple of years have been a very big challenge in my life and the lives of our staff. When my husband Stef passed away, I lost my business partner, and the love of my life.

The plan we had laid out together was to tie both of the leases in for the two stores so they would run on the same timeline and Stef did that a few months prior to his death.

We talked about reaching the age of 60 and looking at how we might feel about possibly retiring the store in 2023 because this is now the year that our leases expire.

When Stef passed away, I couldn’t close the store and walk away because I would’ve owed all that rent by forfeiting the leases.

So I powered on, worked through the grief as best I could, while trying to figure out how to keep everything afloat, including my sanity.

Then I lost my Mom in July of last year and three months later, my brother. This left me standing by myself. My immediate family, all heaven bound.

So I reached 60 this past March and just prior to that I made the decision that this would be the last year for The Singing Lady.

Our leases expire on December 31st and we will close our doors in and around December 18th. I am telling you this quite far in advance because our superintendent will be posting notices on both of our stores this coming week that they are available for lease.

We have a strategic timeline of what needs to be taken care of and we will stay in communication with all of you over the next 6 months so please don't worry or fret. We will answer all of your questions but we please request that you put those in writing versus calling the store. The staff are not at liberty to answer your questions so Carol-Anne and I will take care of you but any and all questions MUST be in writing. Please address any concerns to info@thesinginglady.com

Now I realize this is going to be sad news for many of you who have considered us to be your go to or guilty pleasure but please understand that it's time for Tammie to take care of Tammie and begin a new chapter in my life.

I've loved every moment since we first opened on Burnhamthorpe Road back in June of 2010 and I will love all the remaining moments right to the end.

I will never forget your love - your devotion and all your kind and compassionate concern for me, and for us, over these past years.

We've had a really great run and we're proud that we made it through so many hills and valleys but it's time for another dream. The most important thing is that we couldn't have done it without YOU!

We are CLOSED on Saturday, July 1st for the Canada Day holiday but we are OPEN on Monday, July 3rd from 12pm to 4pm.

Enjoy these new arrivals and yes - they will keep coming along with lots of other news in the weeks and months to follow!

Tammie & My Most Excellent Singing Lady Team Including the Best Store Manager a Gal Could EVER Have!

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