Singing Lady Pop Up Last Chance Sale on SELECTED Items


Singing Lady Pop Up Last Chance Sale on SELECTED Items

Singing Lady Pop Up Last Chance Sale on SELECTED Items

Welcome to cooler weather and to today's fun filled newsletter!

It's important to take a moment to read this one - because having a sale on selected items can get mighty confusing. So let's be clear!

While we are working at closing the store for our December target date - we will be having sales here and there but we need to all be on the same page because some sales will be different than others!

Here is the bullet proof list of how this one works;

  • We reached out to a number of consignors to obtain their permission to lower the prices on SELECTED items in both our stores.

  • This last chance sale ONLY pertains to the items featured in this newsletter today - NOT the new arrivals feature here or anything else on our website.
  • Pretty much all of these featured items have been marked down 50% off their original starting prices and those new prices are indicated in red when you click on them.

  • You will also find all of these featured items in our Door Crasher Link. As we reduce items in the next few weeks - they will all appear in our Door Crashers Link on our website. That is where you can look for special priced deals that are current.

  • Also please know - Your 10% off Encore cards CANNOT be used with any of these featured sale items or door crasher items. We need to act in kindness and fairness to our consignors.
As we were red tagging items in the stores today - a few deals were snatched up quickly because they are truly GREAT deals.

Today, in the new arrivals feature of this newsletter - you will see some of our store fixtures that are now for sale. The big LACK Ikea white bookcases are going fast. We had 13 and we're down to 8 left.

Lots to see so I'll let you get to it!

If you have a question at any time - please call the store and we can clarify anything for you. Happily!

FYI - We're doing a lot of re-arranging in both stores so thank you for your patience as we work it all out.

Tammie & The Singing Lady Team

Click on any photo for detailed information including description and price.

Featured Items

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New Arrivals

Every day, we get new arrivals — fabulous finds you won't find anywhere else. Here is a small sampling of the new arrivals from the last week but there are many more in the store. We currently have over 6,000 items in the store and it keeps changing all the time. Our motto is, "If you snooze, you lose!". If you see something you like, you had better snatch it up quick because there is a good chance it won't be there the next time you visit.

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If you need more information about any of the items here or on our website, please use the contact us link above or send an e-mail to info@thesinginglady.com. Please do not reply to this e-mail as it is not monitored for inquiries.

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