Flower Power - Inside or Out

Flower Power - Inside or Out

I know how patiently (or impatiently) you are waiting to get out there to feel the grass under your feet and start turning soil as you prepare to plant up a storm. Did I just say storm?!

Rain rain go away is what you're hoping for and come on let that sun break through is all on our minds.

If we can't have the flower power outside just yet why not have it inside? Or quite possibly we can have both and wouldn't that just be delightful?

Our newsletter feature is all about the flowers with a hint of a few garden elements thrown in. It seems as soon as we get an outdoor item - it has wings and just flies out the door. Better to keep an eye on our Furniture Seasonal and For the Garden links on our website so you can hopefully pick up a neat item to enjoy in your outdoor living space throughout the summer.

As far as new arrivals go - they are numerous and we only wish we could have featured more for you here but the good news is there's a ton more on the site. We do highly suggest you start here and then move to the New Arrivals link to get entirely caught up.

And even though I do remind you from time to time it seems that most of you think this newsletter is the only way to stay in tune with all the lovely items coming in.

We update the website every single day and every single day lots of new arrivals spring up. You can check back every day so you don't miss a single thing! And the by the way - I know a great many of you do (it's okay ... it's our secret).

Happy shopping all!

Tammie & The Singing Lady Team

It's official! Our new "Encore" reward card is a hit. Since we introduced it many of you have taken advantage of that additional 10% savings. When you spend $100 (pre-HST), receive an Encore card that you can redeem for an additional 10% off your next purchase. There is no registration required and you can even give it to a friend or family member. No muss, no fuss!


Featured Items

New Arrivals

Every day, we get new arrivals — fabulous finds you won't find anywhere else. Here is a small sampling of the new arrivals from the last week but there are many more in the store. We currently have over 6,000 items in the store and it keeps changing all the time. Our motto is, "If you snooze, you lose!". If you see something you like, you had better snatch it up quick because there is a good chance it won't be there the next time you visit.

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