Another Covid Curveball and What That Means at The Singing Lady


Good morning Singing Lady Newsletter Subscribers and welcome to a confusing time for small businesses.

As we all know, small businesses were predicted to reopen on February 22nd. But as of yesterday, it seems that perhaps another Covid Curveball may be pitched out moving the re-assessment of the lockdown to March 9th.

Today's newsletter will focus on what we HOPE will be possible for next week but all of this could obviously change in a heartbeat. We just ask that you stay tuned to our Website Homepage for updates as they unfold from the Premier.

Whether we are locked down for another two weeks or not - our plan moving forward will remain as outlined here.

We have given great thought to this, having already gone through it and as much as we want to open our doors and for it to seem like everything is back to normal, we have formulated a plan moving forward that will be a trial period until we know this whole situation has calmed down.

We are operating presently with limited staff and we need to be financially but primarily safety conscious. Due to the Covid variants and the possibility that numbers could rise again in the foreseeable future and we may have to go into complete lockdown again - it seems like a gentle and gradual transition is in the best interest for the safety of our customers, our staff and for The Singing Lady store where safety and costs are concerned.

So whether we go into another two week lockdown or can move ahead next week to a possible reopening - here is the plan.

As of February 22nd or March 9th or ....

Monday to Friday - we can let you in the store if there is a particular item you wish to view by appointment only between the hours of 12pm and 4pm otherwise for now, our front doors will remain closed as we gently ease into our full re-opening. You can give us a call to arrange that in store visit or send us an email if there is an item you are interested in seeing close up.

As much as we'd like to let you in, and enjoy your long awaited presence in our store, knowing a walkabout might help your sanity - we're trying to find middle ground.

You can absolutely continue to make your purchases by phone and continue along with curbside pick ups.

Saturday & Sunday - we will be open to let customers into our store practising the protocols from the city and adhering to social distancing. This may mean having to wait outside our doors to come in. We've all had to tie our patience on with these guidelines but the bottom line is that we will always put safety first.

Customer In Store Shopping Hours on the Weekends
Saturday - 11am to 4pm
Sunday - 12pm to 4pm

What is seemingly not really in our hands is, most certainly, in our hands, because the more we work together the sooner the sun will shine.

Now after all of that, enjoy the new arrivals and please ... stay safe!

Tammie & The Singing Lady Team

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New Arrivals

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